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The Shiny Nickel Monthly Newsletter - 01 Apr 2006
April 01, 2006
============================ How an F-16 Fighter Pilot is on Target to Make a 6-Digit Income Online in Less than 12 Months ============================

Mike Waite here from with your latest edition of The Shiny Nickel Ė Home Business Vectors.

Iíve shared a lot of powerful strategies and techniques over the previous issues. I decided to make this issue a little more a personal.

Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair as I tell you the first part to my online story..

The reason I'm about to tell you this story is you can see I started where you are now.

When I started my home based business and Internet adventures, I had many ideas and was not sure which ideas to focus on. I spent hours and hours researching the different options and ďopportunitiesĒ. And then countless more hours developing a website. I fiddled around with all of the different types of home business models Ė Internet Marketing, Affiliate Reseller Programs, Network Marketing, Franchising, you name it, Iíve checked it out.

After many grueling hours, after lots of tumbles in the school of hard knocks, after countless disappointments Ė I managed to acquire some nuggets of real information I was looking for. Excited, I started to make some changes. Over the course of about a couple of months, I put all my research to the test, and I started seeing drastic results. More importantly, I started to see drastic changes in my bank account :-)

You see, I don't mind spending money if I know I'll make my money back, plus some.

Shocked, after a few short months I started seeing the amazing results. I started compiling my research and content into my website to help others accomplish the same.

Over the short span of several months, my business has enough residual income and is on track to replace my wifeís income by the end of the year. She can finally quit her job and focus on being a full-time mom. (I must say I canít quite bring myself to quit my full-time job yet Ė running a successful business is pretty exciting, but it hasnít yet surpassed flying an F-16 for a living Ė at least not yet).

This really fueled my excitement as I started to focus more on my business research. To bring you up to where I am now, my situation has only developed better each day. In fact, things have been so good that my website is now ranked in the top 1% of all websites on the entire Internet - thatís over 55 million at last count!

And you can accomplish the same with the resources Iíve provided at my website. I know because Iíve done it Ė and there is certainly nothing particularly special about me in the world of business.

I feel that it is my duty to tell you my story so that you can experience the freedom I have within your own life today. There really are amazing opportunities out there.

Best of all, even if you're skeptical, everything Iíve researched and analyzed on my website offers a 100% money back guar.antee. Thatís a very important part of our Analysis Standards. So I believe the only way to lose is to not start with something today. Speaking of research, over the last month Iíve done a thorough top-to-bottom review of my entire website, including several new additions to help you.

Check it out ->

That's it for now, however watch out for our next edition in 2 weeks because you'll discover the secret Iíve used to make my website one of the most popular in its niche (top 1% on the entire Internet). This edition alone could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

Until Next Time!

To Your Success,

Mike Waite Mountain Home, ID 208-587-0646

P.S. The next edition and all subsequent editions will be labeled as "Home Business Vectors" instead of "The Shiny Nickel". Be sure to look for it.

P.P.S. Do you have any questions or anything you would like to see discussed in a future edition? Iíd be more than happy to address it. Email me at:

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