The "Original Course" The Entire Net Is Talking About


The Hottest Unknown Business
(Yes, Business!) On The Net

Make $100 to thousands per week without having to sell anything. YES, NOTHING!

No selling. No competition.
No risk. Low investment

Your Dream Business!!

Imagine a business that allows you to:

  • Do from anywhere: Any country. If you can read English you can do this business. All you need is a computer and internet access.

  • No risk: Your monies are kept in e-currencies like NetPay and E-gold.

  • Upfront profits: Know what you are going to make on each trade. Before you do it!

  • Very short learning curve: Learn the business in under a week (10 hours approx).

  • Low investment: $50 to get started. You can invest more if you choose but you don't have to.

  • Not time intensive: Takes about 10 to 15 minutes a day.

    And best of all:

  • No selling. Online system matches you up with other exchangers. No selling at ALL...

    Sounds like a fantasy, doesn't it?

    That is exactly what I used to think just a few months ago.

    My name is Matt Gagnon.

    I am an author, home business/direct marketing consultant, Dad and business opportunity junkie. Finally figuring out how to make money ultimately cost me over $100,000. Was that $100,000 worth it? Of course. I have sold over $7,500,000 worth of products online in the last few years. Not bragging. Just illustrating I am not a newbie. When it comes to business opportunities, I know what I am talking about.

    You know that you need a business to make money.

    But what business you are going to start?

    I am sure many of you have tried the following businesses with little success:

    Work at home: Unless you have your own product, you are going to find that most work at home programs have you going out and finding new customers for someone else. All this means is that you are building someone else's business and not yours. This is really the big problem with affiliate programs. Great place to start but no long term future.

    Internet Marketing: I have made millions internet marketing but the facts are that it is hard to teach people how to be Internet marketing experts. Plus it isn't exactly getting less competitive. I am sure that most of you have at least put up a web site in the last few years and what was your result? Some of you made money and most of you just wasted a lot of time. That is why starting in December 2004 I wanted to start teaching something different. NOT INTERNET MARKETING.

    Stock market, real estate, FOREX, commodities: There are millions to be made in all these markets but I honestly don't think that these are the first business that a person should start. You need some sort of business that you can do from home and take those profits and place them in the market or in real estate.

    Everyone is looking for the Holy Grail of business opportunities.


    But I found something so close you have to take a look at it...


    Let me cut to the chase.

    I don't care who you are, what you think you know, what kind of business you want to start or what kind of business you currently run.

    You would be a complete idiot not to get started in the Currency Exchange Business.

    I know some of you probably think that “idiot” is a strong word but that is how I feel.

    Remember I have reviewed business opportunities for a long time and can tell you that I wish I had started this business five years ago. I would be making $50,000+ a week and not having to talk to anyone. I do like teaching people how to make money but $200,000 a month is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when it requires so little time.

    What most of you are asking right now is...

    Electronic Currency Exchanging - what the heck is that?

    Currency exchanging is relatively unknown but incredibly lucrative business opportunity. While Currencies are traded all over the world (like with Forex), there are both US-based and offshore trading houses that need your flow of dollars to facilitate their business operations.

    This is where you come in. By making your funds temporarily available to a Global Exchange Network, to someone else IN the network, that creates “float”. The company we work with is able to “borrow” funds against those dollars and those commissions come to us. The funds you lent to the Network are typically returned in 24 to 36 hours.

    As an Electronic Currency Merchant you are doing this with other exchangers like yourself all over the world.

    For example:

    By pushing $100 from an e-currency to another person in the Exchange, you receive a fee of about $3.50. This process takes about 30 seconds to complete. When the funds come back into your account (generally 24 to 36 hours later), you make another $1. Now, $4.50 isn't bad for something that takes 30 seconds to do, but there are a whole bunch of other ways to make money and cycle that same money through the system, adding to your bottom line profit.

    Can you invest more? Of course, but I think folks are better off only putting a few hundred to a few thousand dollars into the system, at least at first while they get familiar with this business. Then bring in the BIG BUCKS if you’d like. That said, you will always have the opportunity to bring any amount of funds to the table that you want, whenever you choose.

    This process is very easy and is, for the most part, “automated”. You do not have to find people to the do the trades with. The system hooks you up automatically.

    I learned this system from a group of guys that knew a lot about e-currency exchanging and currency trading, but they were teaching the business in a very confusing format and charging people a lot more to learn it. This business is very difficult to learn simply from reading hundreds of posts in a chat group!!!

    Most of you who know me already know that when there is a hot business that folks can make quick money in, I am going to create a training course around it to get the word out! Mazu has always shared with its visitors and affiliates information on the best businesses out there, in an effort to help YOU the end user change your situation for the better. Consider this the mother load….

    Introducing's "Original Course"

    The Electronic Currency Exchange Program

    The training includes…

    Everything (yes, everything!) you need to get yourself up and running as an Electronic Currency Exchanger.

    We created 2 manuals to totally walk someone through this business:

    Basic Training and Advanced Training.

    The Basic manual is 200+ pages and we walk you through the following:

    • Complete, detailed account setup

    • Which electronic currencies to use (and which not to use)

    • Setup mistakes that you don’t want to make

    • 3 mistakes most people make with the businesses.

    • Process automations that will make this easier for you

    • Going full time ASAP

    • The different types of transactions

    • How to make money the fastest ways possible!

    • Plugging into our various support systems

    • The future of exchanging and what it means to YOU!

    • How to get your weekly work down to about 20 minutes.

    • Step by step. Getting started A to Z.

    The Advanced Manual is 100+ pages and covers the following:

    • How to profit BIG TIME from Claims

    • Buying gold most effectively

    • Letting your profits ride to create MASSIVE long-term wealth

    • Getting money out of the system where you can spend it!

    • Running more than one account to create maximum leverage

    • Learning the most up-to-date exchanging methods and tips as they occur

    • Reselling the course and affiliate sales: Thousands more in your pocket every month!

    Both of these manuals are beautiful, easy to read,
    downloadable, and printable from anywhere in the world.

    Hopefully these FAQ's will answer your questions about this opportunity....

    Why is this business so hot? Online business with a low investment, no risk and a huge upside. That's pretty much it.

    How much can I make? That depends on how much you invest. With $200 you could make $150 to $200 fairly quickly without any additional investments. You could end up making thousands per month if you leave some of your profit in the system and let your profits grow. Finally, something you get into and actually make money from!

    What is the initial investment? At least $50, but you can invest more if you choose. I recommend $1,000, as there are ways of making additional profit at that level. If you don’t have it at this time, don’t worry. Work your way up! This system will allow you to roll your $100 over to $1,000 in a short amount of time. These are all one-time investments. No need to keep investing more of your own funds unless you want to. You will always have access to the funds.

    Can I lose money? In the 5+year history of the Exchange Network, we have never heard of anyone losing money who actually did the work and made an honest effort. Ever! This isn't guesswork or speculation. You don't have to wonder of hope that you'll be profitable. You will be!

    Can I do it from anywhere? As long as you can surf the net, you can do this. It can be difficult to do this business from work unless they let you surf the net and build your own dream on their time (but I know some of you will do it anyway – wink, wink). It doesn't matter what part of the world you live in. The Exchange Network deals in all global currencies and you can literally do this business from anywhere.

    Is it legal? Of course! Would we risk our reputation and recommend something that wasn't? (I hope you answered “no”). Everything we do with electronic currency exchanging is legal and ethical. We are getting paid great money to supply liquidity to a global market. That’s it!

    Why have a download? The main reason is that 25% of our orders are from outside the US and these folks were not only a huge drain on our international shipping budget, but also waiting up to 3 weeks to receive their materials. We wanted folks to get it within 1 business day and not have to wait.

    Can I operate more than one account? The system allows you to run up to five accounts, which is a great way to accelerate your profits. You cannot have more accounts than that or you risk getting shut out of the system and we don't want that.

    Do you have competition? Yes and no: There are other folks teaching currency exchanging but they are either more expensive than we are or their training and materials are inferior. Make no mistake….we offer the most complete education you'll find out there. Our main competition charges $750 with zero support and a monthly fee. The second is less expensive but you get a 16 page ebook and no support. Why folks would try to save a few dollars difference on the front end and not get what they really need to do this business effectively is beyond me. You will have to decide for yourself what is important to YOU.

    How long does it take? About 15 to 20 minutes per day, max, once you know what you’re doing. In the beginning, maybe an hour a day.. Do this in the morning or at night. YOU get to decide. You can accelerate your earnings if you can check your machine 3 or 4 times per day, but once is really all that’s necessary.

    How do I get paid? The profit pops out in the E-currencies we are working with. You can either have them send you a check or just get a debit card to spend at a store or pull cash out of the bank machine.

    Why should I buy this course? Because there is not an easier, less expensive, highly-profitable business that you can start. You can't go wrong with a 30-day, buy-it-back guarantee. Either you make money or we give you a refund. It’s as simple as that.

    Who is this opportunity for?

  • Folks that want additional income.
  • People that have wanted to start a home based business but work weird hours.
  • Anyone that is looking for investments.
  • Current business owners that wants to diversify without big time requirements.
  • Anyone that wants to make more money (with very little work).

    Who is this opportunity not for?

  • People that have ZERO money or can pay for the training but have nothing else.
  • Folks that can't follow directions or are not at all patient. It takes time to learn this.
  • Anyone freaked out by offshore investment. Quite a bit of what we do is offshore and if this makes you nervous, please look somewhere else.
  • Kids (you must be 18)
  • Homes without Internet access. You must be online to do this business and having your own connection at home only makes it ten times easier.

    What could I charge you to teach you this business?

    $1,000? $2,000? $5,000?

    Let’s be honest. For something that allows you to put in $500 and take out $10,000 in a year (given time), I could charge half the profit or something outrageous, but I wanted to make this business affordable for all so the seminar is only:

    $307 or $297 PayPal

    Peanuts for how much money you WILL make doing exchanges!

    Plus, NO monthly fee or upsells.

    I get quite a few people that call before they order wondering what else they are going to have to buy. Most are a bit surprised when I tell them NOTHING. We are planning on doing a big seminar in 2006, but for now, you don't have to worry about us hitting you up for X number of dollars for a monthly fee, coaching, mentoring, a web site or any of the other garbage that almost everyone else on the internet is trying to sell you.

    EVERYTHING is included for $307. All you need on top of the above is Internet access and whatever money you are going to invest. That is it...

    Remember, once you have the training, signing up doesn't cost anything. You can throw $50 in and start trading right away. You can be up and running before you know it.

    The price of this course is going up to $397 before the
    end of the year. Save $100 by purchasing your copy now!

    Don't take my word for it, see what others are saying...

    "I invested around $2K into my account, completed my first trade 3 weeks ago, and as of today I have over $3400 in my portfolio. That's a 26% increase on my money in just a few short days. Not bad for a business where there is no marketing and no selling. The great thing is I can do it from the comfort of my own home. I have been looking for a legitimate home-based business for 2 1/2 years. My only regret about the Mazu CEP is that I did not find out about it sooner!!"
    -Mike L., Atlanta, GA

    "I can't believe that I have made this amount of money in such a short period of time. I keep thinking this has to stop at some time but the profits just keep on coming. Thanks."
    -Jill Thompson

    "This is the most incredible opportunity I have ever seen. I invested $525 just over 6 weeks ago and as of today, my total portfolio value has risen to $2,198 and change. Thanks for this gold mine!"
    -Chris S., Saugus, CA

    "System is much easier than thought it would be to get started. If you guys start something knew just make sure you keep me in the loop."
    -Natalie S.

    "I stumbled upon this business a few months ago and I am so glad I gave it a try! This is one of the best things to ever happen to my family and I. I could not be more thankful to Mazu. I more than doubled my initial investment in 36 days!! The people involved in your training site are so helpful and encouraging. I have even had the opportunity to make some great friends while learning. It truly feels like a family here."
    -Linda, Grovetown, GA

    "At first when I joined, I looked at all the information and thought it would take forever to learn all this terminology and concepts. However, after going through your materials and then browsing through the screen shots showing me step by step, it did not take long to learn everything. I put in about $500 in my portfolio and the first couple of transactions, I had to go back to the screen shots to refresh my memory on what to do. However, after a few days, it is now automatic and don't have to even think about what to do. It has now been about 2 months since I have been involved and my portfolio is over $4,000 now.

    What is great is that I do not have to sell anything or have to spend any money on promotion like other business opportunities. All I need to do is login a few times a day (about 15 minutes each), do the trading and take my profits. Best thing I have ever found on the next in the last 7 years."
    -Jeff Kinseth

    "Didn't have a clue what I was doing when I started but that didn't stop me from growing a $200 one-time investment into $10,000 a month in a year. Never have made money like this in anything."
    -Bob Seashore

    "I first thought it was too good to be true. After going through the program and following the instructions, I found out that this is the real thing. Because of the simplicity of this home-based business, it does not take a PhD to figure out how this works."
    -Dr. Richard L., Mountain View, CA

    "What a difference currency trading has made in my life. I am a full time trader and loving ever minute of it. Thinking of starting two more businesses with all the free time I have (or maybe not). The best thing is I can do whatever I want."
    -Dave C.

    "I made $5,000 in 3 months with a very low investment. Can't wait to see where I'll be in five years."
    -Kevin Lin, AU

    "There are plenty of companies out there who are more than willing to take your money and leave you hanging. Even though my journey has not been a Cadillac drive (not Mazu's fault), just the fact that you are willing to take the time to get back to me, answering my emails and phone calls, speaks volumes as to this being legit. It instills my confidence."
    -R. Savage, Bridgton, ME

    "I have been involved in quite a few business opportunities. Lost some in a few and made a ton in others but I can honestly say this is the easiest and most lucrative opportunity I have ever seen. I have no doubt I will make millions."
    -David Dixon

    " the fact I don't have to recruit my friends and family. Wasn't sure if this was going to work at not. Very, very happy that it does."
    -G. Smith

    "I find myself having more fun at this than anything I have ever tried. I check my account five or six times a day just to see if there are new trades."
    -Dawna Sutton

    "The currency program is by far the best program I have been involved in. What is wonderful about this program is there is no network marketing, no MLM, no downlines, no costly advertising, no recruiting, or selling,. Since the fees on trading currencies are always positive I have made money on every transaction. Unlimited opportunity with no downside. I love it."
    -Jeff Wasilewski

    I have been marketing for a long time and I can tell you an offer can go through the roof if you include incredible bonuses (Bad bonuses can kill an offer pretty quickly too).

    As always, here are some bonuses so valuable I think you will spend money with us just to get them:

    Bonus #1: Recorded weekly conference calls

    The manuals are great for teaching you the business, but most folks need more then simply books to read. The calls include updates to the business, new techniques for making money, and help to get you started as a new person. They are recorded each week and available in our massive online community. Some folks say the calls are their favorite part of the business. We are the only people doing conference calls in this entire industry.

    A $250 value

    Bonus #2: Updates of product for one year

    A lot of people worry that when they order information that things are going to change (or worse) the company will release a new product a month after you order and charge you for updates. Not a worry with With any info product we come out with, within 365 days of your initial purchase, you will receive regular updates at no charge. After one year, you will pay only 50% of whatever our current product price is. Now of course this is applicable only if the product is Currency Exchanging and only if you choose to pick it up. This protection is not offered by any of our competition, nor any other marketing company out there because they want to sell you more info. We want to teach you how to make money.

    A $99 value

    Bonus #3: Affiliate program.

    Everybody and their dog has an affiliate program. That, in itself, doesn't mean anything. Plus since you don't have to sell, the affiliate program has less value than with a normal program.

    But for those that DO want to sell (born marketers), we offer what I feel is the best program on the net because of the support, training and benefits that you receive as a Mazu Reseller.

    When you sign up for 99% of affiliate programs, you get a link and a kick in the butt. Not with us.

    We have a comprehensive program complete with banners, sample ads, an Affiliate Manager, and other helpful resources. Believe it or not, we have folks that actually order the entire program because they want to help their web site get into the top ten or become more profitable (learning currency exchanging is secondary).

    You will earn $150 for each person you sell a Mazu ECEP to, as long as they purchase through your authorized reseller link and we successfully charge them. That's a payout of OVER 50% plus a generous cut of future products.

    Most of our competition is paying $20 or $100 if you sell one of their programs. Plus they don't have an affiliate manager because they don't really have an affiliate program. Paying commissions and running a successful program are two very different things.

    A $99 value

    Bonus #4: HBSS and MDM4 Not only do we have the best affiliate program on the net, but I give you 9 hours of audio, my best marketing info ever, to get you started. Use this info to sell our program or anything else that you want on the Net. It is proven, effective training!

    The HBSS is a nine-hour seminar you can listen to in one-hour segments.

    The Million Dollar Manual 4 is my classic 600+ page marketing guide you can use to sell anything online or offline. I have sold this info for as much as $600 in the past but we include it here for no charge in the most recently-updated version.

    This info includes the following:

    All my marketing secrets.


  • Secrets of making $120,000 a year at home. Not as hard as you think.
  • Exactly how to start cheap. Even if you are dead broke.
  • The funny thing about being rich that everybody gets wrong
  • Something about money that no one has ever told you- guaranteed.
  • The D.I.R.T Method combined with the D.E.S.K. Principle for maximized profits.
  • The four sources of income. Beyond Robert Kiyosaki.
  • How to earn big money (six figures) even if you are scared to get started.
  • What you really should be investing in.
  • $200,000 profit from a 10 minute phone call. It happened to me.

    Info on motivation:

  • Why your goals are stopping you from making $100,000 a year.
  • The 3 types of people. Which one are you?
  • Why you really ordered this seminar?
  • How to figure out is missing in life. It's probably not what you think.
  • Freedom and money don't normally mix. Here is how to get the best of both worlds. This alone is worth the price of the seminar.
  • What one thing you can do to make more money starting tomorrow. Sounds weird but it works.
  • The four areas of life you should be focusing on. The best part is that it will fit into any belief system.
  • Why relationships are why people do business with you. Not money.
  • Get over your problems and make What steps you need to make to make $300 an hour.

    Internet Marketing:

  • $.10 to $20.00. $.24 to $200 and $14 to $2800 explained in detail.
  • Secrets of the internet no fake “guru” has ever told.
  • Make Ten times as much with any mailing.
  • Why selling an E-book alone can cost you so much money.
  • The only times you want to sell an E-book.
  • Easy to understand product creation plans.
  • Why most people are wrong about links.
  • The nine ways to get traffic to your site. These are it.
  • Black hole marketing. How it makes me an extra $150,000 a year.

    •How the D.E.S.K. Principle can make you $2,000 in your first month.
    •The entire D.E.S.K. Principle laid out. Everything explained.
    •7 parts to a marketing offer. All you need to know.
    •What in your classified ad will have them begging to buy your product
    •How much you should mark up anything that you sell.
    •What any product is really worth.
    •Testing and why it is so important to your product/offer.
    •How to figure out exactly what to sell. Even if you have no clue now.
    •The easy technique I used to go from $2,000 to $6,000 a week.

    Web Page Design:
    •Make an extra $200 a day with your web site.
    •The eight mistakes people make when creating their site.
    •Why hiring the wrong kind of webmaster can cost you a fortune.
    •The marketing mistake everyone makes with their site.
    •What the search engine marketing clowns don't want you to know.
    •The six hot markets. What to sell with your web site.
    •How to go from 10 visitors a day to 1,000 without going broke.
    •10 things you can do to educate your clients. Have them thinking you are a genius.
    •The best affiliate programs. $1 from one. $2,000 from another.

    Lead Generation:
    •How you can earn $50 to $2,000 every time you create a lead.
    •Why buying leads is a complete waste of time. Except in this case.
    •How to set up a lead generation site for any offer that will pay for itself in 30 days.
    •The four parts to network marketing no on wants to talk about.
    •Levels of leads that no one I have ever met in MLM has a clue about.
    •Why the lead company you are dealing with is ripping you off.
    •The level 5 site you will use after I show it to you.
    •Close one in 3 leads. Even if your program is $1,000.
    •Why you are missing out on $256,000 a year of income for being in the wrong program.

    Residual Income:
    •Why $60,000 of residual is better then $100,000 of linear income.
    •The real truth about residual income.
    •Secrets for getting your list to pay you forever. Even if you don't have one now.
    •How many sources of income you should have. Too many can kill you.
    •The big traffic problem most people can't figure out.
    •Why most people join the wrong affiliate program.
    •15 parts of a residual income deal.
    •Most millionaires don't want you to know this about residual income. How I discovered it.
    •$1,000,000 residual isn't real? Here how I will do it. You can too.

    A $200 value

    Bonus #5: Massive Online Community (nearly 10,000 members and growing)

    One of the problems with this business (there aren't many) is that you are normally just doing the trading alone and you don't have many outlets in which to receive or express ideas about the business. We mail our updates, but that isn't the same as finding out new tricks and techniques for accelerating your business.

    Over the last six months, we have put together a great web site where folks can get together, receive more frequent updates and feel a sense of community they are missing from other programs.

    It is pretty funny, quite a few of our competitors claim to have “online communities” but with the few courses they sell, their forums and chat rooms aren’t effective, amounting to a couple of lost souls who are seeking direction with nobody really steering the ship!. Not the hundreds you will find in our site, well into the night on any given trading day.

    A $199 value And the best bonus of all...

    Bonus #6 One-on-One email and phone support for 90 days

    As I mentioned with the conference calls, not everyone is going to have their questions answered by the guide, calls or our community. That said, I took a few younger, eager traders and put them on the phones. This is not like dealing with some phone rooms full of folks who aren’t actually involved. You get to talk to actual exchangers. While they don't know everything, you will find them helpful and a genuine sense of camaraderie in working with them.

    Others are charging $50 an hour for you to talk to their so-called “expert”. Why should you have to pay anything extra for that?

    This is NOT something you are going to find in any other program. No matter what a competitive web site may say.

    A $500 value

    Plus our incredible guarantee:

    You Make Money In Your First 30 Days Of Trading

    Or I Buy Back The Program

    This is not a typo. Either you make money in your first 30 days of trading or I give you 100% of your funds back. PERIOD.

    All we ask if that you give us the opportunity to point out what your profits are and that you start at least 30 days from when you receive your materials. I know you are going to make profits within your first week, but I wanted to give people at least a month from their start date to prove it to them.

    With our 200+ page Basic Training, you will be walked through step-by-step on getting up and profitable.. Plus, you can always call us if you have problems with anything. My Mom is an Exchanger! This is not difficult. We have taught literally thousands of people to do this. Why not you?

    Buy It Today: You can pay just $307 ($297 when you pay using PayPal). Sorry, we do not take payment through additional E-currencies at this time for our product.

    Our program is sent out electronically within one business day from when we process your order.

    What if you decide to wait? You could choose to do that, of course, but I will tell you two things…

    1. The price of this training is going to go up in the future.
    Competitors out there are charging as much as $750 with an additional monthly cost, for an inferior product. We don't want to be the highest price point, but the way these are selling at $307, we'll have to charge more soon. Don't wait just to pay more for the same product later. That extra savings to you represents additional funds you can be using as working capital in the program to reach your goals quicker.

    2. At some point in the future, we will no longer offer “one-one-one” phone and email support.
    We will (of course) supply what we have sold to existing customers, but I am not interested in running and having to train 50 or 100 people to be on the phone all the time. It is very hard to keep someone employed in a call center for this business. Why? We have to train them on the Exchange, and once we do, many of them want to leave to do the business full-time. That means more pay or even more training for a new person. This is not your problem, I’m just pointing out where this is going. If you are the type of person who wants to be able to pick up the phone and get your questions answered, I suggest that you order now. If you plan to do this on your own, you can wait. But understand it is a bonus that can be pulled at any time.

    Don't say “no” to this and regret it in a year. Your chance to completely
    change your situation is NOW! You have no reason not to take it.

    P.S. Don't forget the 6 (7) great bonuses with your order:

    Bonus #1: Weekly news and conference calls: A $250 value
    Bonus #2: Product updates for one year: A $99 value
    Bonus #3: Our affiliate program: A $99 value
    Bonus #4: HBSS and MDM4: A $200 value
    Bonus #5: Online community (nearing 10,000 members): A $199 value
    Bonus #6: One-on-one email and phone support: A $500 value

    The total value of these bonuses is: $1347

    Bonus #7: (for most of you). NO SALES TAX. NO PST. NO GST. All you pay is either $307 with a credit/debit card or money order, or $297 your PayPal account. Doesn't matter where you live. You’ll never pay a penny more!

    P.P.S. A lot of people have questions about the program but our belief is this….we can answer questions all day long about the course but you aren't going to know if it is for you until you get it in your hands. It’s the only way you are going to know if it is for you. If the seminar was $3,000 this would be a big worry, but it isn't. It’s only $307 and with our money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

    The price of this course is going up to $397 before the
    end of the year. Save $100 by purchasing your copy now!

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