How to Find the
Best Small Business Partner

Here’s a short checklist of questions you can use to determine if someone might be the best small business partner for you. It is optimized for a network marketing home business, but has application to any partnership.



1) What is your business experience?

2) What special business skills do you possess?

3) Do you currently own a business?

4) Is it profitable?

5) How much are you making a month?

6) Do you know how to write an effective business plan?

7) Do you have a current business plan?

8) What marketing system or methods do you use?

9) What is your conversion rate?

10) What are your metrics (marketing statistics)?

11) What is your primary method of advertising?

12) Do you have your own website or do you have website building experience / skills?


1) How long have you been in _____________ (network marketing, or other business)?

2) How long have you been with your current company or business?

3) What products / services of your company or business do you use? (If they don’t use the products or service, that says something about their commitment or their belief in it. If they don’t use the product, it can also be an indicator of a pyramid scheme – they are just trying to get you to “join their business”.

4) Are you part-time or full-time?

5) How much do you commit per week to your business?

6) Do you have a desire to work your business full-time in the near future?

7) How much time will you dedicate each week to helping me build my business?

8) How many people are in your downline, in your organization, in your customer base?

9) What is your monthly marketing budget?

10) Will you help me develop all of the above processes and skills for my business?

11) Tell me why you would be the best small business partner for me?

The results from these questions will help determine if this person is the best small business partner for you. They will also establish their credibility, experience, and practical knowledge. You’re about to lay down your money and time. They should be able to answer all of the questions and should not be afraid to talk about any of these areas. You’ll also get a pretty good feel about the person you’re about to work.

The Other Side of the Coin.

Your prospective partner may ask you the same questions to determine if you are the best small business partner for him or her. He or she will want to ensure that the time, money, and energy they will invest into you will be worthwhile.

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