Reason Business Failure Occurs:
The Hard Facts of Owning a Business

Become a "90 Day Wonder"
With a Home Business

That's exactly what happens to 97% of home business owners. It's also the number one reason business failure occurs.


Here's a Secret:

97% of home business owners become "90 Day Wonders". After 90 days, they "wonder" why they aren't reaching their goals, why they aren't making any money, and why they are no closer to success than when they started. How does this happen?

Without doubt most home business “owners” are largely untrained, unqualified and poorly equipped for success.

The reason business failure happens to these people? They don't apply
The Four Cornerstones of Business Success.

Robert Kiyosaki
Here's the facts. According to the Small Business Administration, the small business failure rate during the first five years is 60%.

And there are proven reasons for that failure rate. In fact, Five Dangerous Habits Are A Cause For Business Failure. People who learn to avoid these five pitfalls are practically guaranteed success.

Unfortunately, most people model their business on an utterly haphazard, unfocused level. They pick up random bits and pieces from this person or that.

This undisciplined approach is another reason business failure occurs. It is also a Deadly Reason Why Business Fail.

And there is not just a reason business failure happens. There are also reasons that business success happens.

The difference between mediocrity and excellence
is committment.

The Four Types of Business Owners:
Which Do You Want To Be?

Most people are committed to the following business philosophies:


These people jump at the first thing they see. They have poor VISION (you have looked at the Four Cornerstones of Business Success, right?). They randomly pull the trigger and then try to assess what happened. The fact is most people make emotional decisions and then attempt to rationalize later.


These people have "Analysis Paralysis". They study, read, review, investigate – GREAT. But they never take action - NOT GREAT. Why? Millions of Americans are absolutely paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake.

Here's what they don’t realize:

We lose more in life by making no decision
than by making a wrong decision.

Not taking action is a huge reason business failure occurs.


These people constantly chase the “hottest” and "newest" technique and fad. With little or no analysis, they are constantly distracted.



These are the people that succeed in business. They get prepared – analyze themselves, their objectives, goals, plans, etc. They find a great opportunity. They seize the opportunity, even though they realize they might be wrong. They then correct, adjust, and re-attack.

Analyze the opportunities, educate yourself, and build your plans. You won’t find a “perfect” opportunity. Find a reasonably good, if even excellent, opportunity – then take a leap of faith and then,

FIRE – get it started.

You don’t have to be great to get started.
You do have to start to be great.


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