Starting a Small
Home Based Business

The Most Expensive Mistake of Your Life -
You're Doing It Every Day

What is it?

Going to work in a job and not starting a small home based business. Despite what you may have heard, You're Job is Dangerous To Your Wealth.

Frankly, far too many people have no idea of what they can do in starting a small home based business. All they've been told is what they can’t do. Every day in America, pre-school kids hear the word "No" 250 times for every "Yes" or encouraging remark. They grow up as a part of somebody else’s plan. They barely play a role in their own lives.

They go to jobs they don't enjoy and work with people they don't like to make people they don't know rich. Sounds a lot like this powerful story about struggle and vision.


Now consider what happens in a J-O-B (Just Over Broke). People struggle in the daily grind to barely make ends meet. They work once, and get paid once, then the money is gone - paid into debts and expenses. This is earned income. This is The Forty Year Plan - Nose to the grind for 40 years and hopefully save enough to retire - someday - maybe.

Here's the secret:

It's not how much you make that counts, It's how much you keep.

Make no mistake, the best and quickest way to keeping more of what you make is by starting a small home based business - The Four Year Plan. In 4 years, you can make more money with a business than you can in 40 years working for someone else. Because of the awesome advantages from starting a small home based business:

  • Residual Income
  • Leverage
  • Paretos Principle
  • Synergy

    Why bother with starting a small home based business?

    Because “Profits are Better than Wages”

    Take a closer look at the real Business Facts about starting a small home based business.


    “Don’t confuse me with the facts.
    My mind’s already made up.”
    - Way of life for most people

    Many people have made assumptions about their financial future. Assumptions they may not realize they have made or that are incorrect.

    Speaking of financial futures, only 39% of Americans actually have a detailed Retirement Plan ( A lot of Americans are relying on Pension Plans, Stock Market investments, Social Security or other forms of government or family charity to carry them through their “golden years”.

    Why Bother with Starting a Small Home Based Business?

    So that someday you can work because you WANT to
    and not because you HAVE to.

    Why not also for the:

  • Significant Tax Advantages
  • Business and Investing Experience
  • More control over your life
  • Financial Independence
  • Personal Freedom
  • Grow Your Small Business into a Large Asset

    Let me ask you a question:

    When you want to retire,
    How much will you be able to sell your job for?

    Most people, when they reach that point will say:
    “I would of, I should of, I could of”.

    By starting a small home based business, you will be one of the ones that say: "I'm glad I did", instead of "I wish I did".

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    "Money is important, but I don't
    want to spend my life working for it."

    -Quote from Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant

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