The Definition of Synergy

The definition of Synergy is: When a combination of parts or forces are combined to form a system, the total value or effect of that system can be far greater than the simple addition of its parts.

In other words,

1 + 1 can equal more than 2

The following example highlights the definition of synergy. Take one single 2 x 4 board and let's say it can hold 100 pounds of weight. How much will 2 boards stacked together hold, 200 pounds or more? Will 5 boards hold 500 pounds or significantly more?

The same definition of synergy applies to the compounding principle of a team as well. A series of Relationships form a network that has more value than just the sum of each part.

By yourself, as one single person, you have no interactions with anyone else. No cross-flow of ideas, experiences, or insights. If you add one person, synergy starts to take effect, you now have 1 relationship, or “connection”.

So: 2 people = 1 connection

Watch what happens as you add just one person at a time.

3 People = 3 Connections (add 1 and you get 2)
4 People = 6 Connections (add 1 and you get 3)
5 People = 10 Connections (add 1 and you get 4)
10 People = 45 Connections (add 1 from 9 and you get 9)

In a group of just 10 people, there are 45 different relationships. That’s 45 different connections for the cross-flow of ideas, experiences, insights, etc. Napolean Hill, in his landmark and bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich, labeled this phenomenon of compounding relationships as the Mastermind Principle. A group of people together form a larger intelligence and take on an entirely different character than the individuals themselves.

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