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That's exactly how starting a home business online work opportunity can be. A burning desire for personal freedom and financial independence (Lots of Thrust). No idea how to get there (No Vector).

This website is the "Home Business Vector" for those serious about researching and starting a home business online work opportunity.

Here's our idea about a Home Business Online Work Opportunity - you want honest information and no hype.

Our aim is to provide exactly that. And to help build a new class of people - those who act with knowledge - not blind ignorance.

"All mankind is divided into three classes:
those that are immovable, those that are movable,
and those that move."

- Benjamin Franklin


Today, there is a new class of movers - looking to Break the Mold - they have power not from money, not from land, but from knowledge. Tired of working for money, they are ready to learn how to have money work for them.

To give you an initial sense of the knowledge you will acquire from visiting this website, we will list the

Eight Critical Questions You Must Have Answered

  • Why Would You Trust This Website?
  • Why Bother? Ten Reasons for a Small Home Based Business
  • What are the Options? Four Legal Home Business Systems
  • How Do I Spot a Scam? Five Dead Giveaways
  • How Do I Analyze an Opportunity? Five Things to Look For
  • Why Do People Fail? Hard Business Facts Others Will Not Tell You
  • Why Do People Succeed? Four Cornerstones of Business Success
  • How Do I Get Started? Top Home Business Picks for 2006

    And some "Bonus Material" to help you further along on your research:

  • Home Business Facts
  • Free Tools and Resources
  • Recommended Reading


    Not sure where to start?

    Would you like to save some time and effort?

    Take 5 minutes for our Home Business QUIZ. Find out where you are in your research and then we'll point you in the right direction to find what you're looking for.

    Frankly, Here’s what you will not find here:

  • Loose Talk about Getting Rich Quick
  • Hype or Scams
  • False Promises

    So, look all you want for a catch - you won't find one. And what you will find is researched and documented information, proven strategies, and reputable opportunities.

    Take the Home Business QUIZ -
    and remove the guesswork from your research.

    Or you can start your research with one of the

    Most Popular Pages on this Website:

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    The Perfect Home Business Online Work Opportunity

    "Money is important, but I don't
    want to spend my life working for it."

    -Quote from Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant

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    Robert Kiyosaki and his philosophy on
    The Perfect Business.

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