How to Find
Home Business Work Opportunity

Robert Kiyosaki
Whoever Heard of Quitting Your Job -
And Still Getting Paid

”Find That's exactly what can happen when you find home business work opportunity. And you don't have to "re-invent the wheel" by starting a home business from scratch.

Following is a quick overview of legal home business models and systems.

Legitimate home business opportunitites fall into one of

Five Main Categories:

- Traditional (“Brick and Mortar”) Business
- Franchise
- Affiliate or Reseller Programs
- Internet Marketing
- Network Marketing

Each system has their own strengths and weaknesses outlined below. However, as a business system, Network Marketing blows them all away.



When looking to find home business work opportunity, there are many large headaches common to all conventional or traditional businesses.

The most difficult concept for most people beginning their research is this:

They do not know the difference between a business idea and a business system.

And that is the power of a franchise: an established and proven system.




- Tried and Proven Business System
- Licensed Trademark
- Brand Recognition
- Easier to get a loan
- Training program
- Operations manual
- Support


- Extremely Expensive
- Restrictive
- Shared Revenue
- Full-Time Requirement
- Requires a Manager
- Mandatory Hours
- Same Business Headaches



Affiliate or reseller programs are one way to find home business work opportunity. With no need to develop your own product, they are a powerful way to generate some extra income.


- No Product to Create ........
- Brand Recognition
- No Inventory
- No Customer Service
- No Employees
- Limited Residual Income
- Low Investment


- Requires a Website
- No Business Leverage
- No Sales = No Commission
- Building Someone Else’s Business
- Your Reputation Could Be Compromised
- Little to No Training or Support
- Requires Internet Expertise
- Need Marketing Experience



As the name implies, Internet marketing is offering a service or product on the Internet. When trying to find home business work opportunity, it can be used in conjunction with any other system or as a primary method.


- Low Start-Up Cost
- Low Operating Costs
- Chance to Automate Your Business
- Customers are Coming to You
- No Employees
- Residual Income


- No Established System
- No Training
- No Business Leverage
- Requires Internet Expertise
- Need Marketing Experience
- Little to No Support
- Need a Product or Service
- Only 40% are On-Line


Network Marketing

Also referred to as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Network Marketing encompasses the PROS of ALL the above business systems while almost completely eliminating all of the CONS. That's why it is our primary recommendation for those trying to find home business work opportunity.


- Licensed Trademark / Brand Recognition.
- Very Low Start-up Costs.
- Part-Time Option.
- Training.
- Build Residual Income.
- Skill Development.
- Automated Systems.
....-- No Customer Service
....-- Website Provided
....-- No Inventory Management
- No Licensing or Permits.
- No Employees.
- Professional Support.
- Business Leverage.
- Flexibility.

Network Marketing: So What Is It?
MLM Income Leverage



"Money is important, but I don't
want to spend my life working for it."

-Quote from Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant

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