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Small business Internet marketing online is changing the future of the world faster than any other invention in history. An online presence is starting to become a requirement for business survival. Many businesses even have ".com" right in their title. Whether you are looking for a home based business internet work opportunity or if you already have a successful business, internet marketing is an incredibly efficient way to generate a residual income every single month.

Here are the pros and cons of small business internet marketing online:


- Low Start-Up Cost. The monetary investment to start a website can be very low. The time investment required to build a full-size quality website is universally underestimated by almost all beginners.

- Low Operating Costs. The only fees associated with running a website are domain name registration and web hosting fees. That assumes, of course, that you will design the website and write the content yourself which is what we recommend. Website designers and content writers can be quite expensive.

- Chance to Automate Your Business. Once you have a website up and running, your whole business can practically run on auto-pilot. Going to bed at night and waking up in the morning with money in your account is a very real and achievable objective.

- Customers are Coming to You. If you know what you’re doing. Many people think all they have to do is build a website, post in on the Internet, and then wait for the revenues. However, through the use of tools like Search Engines, link exchanges, and auto-responders you could have customers coming to you – and for a very low investment.

- No Employees. This is one of the greatest advantages of all home business models and systems: the ability to leverage OPE (Other People’s Effort). Without the headaches associated with employees, a home business is much less complicated. Headaches like taxes, wages, hiring, firing, management, promotions, bonuses, etc. are no factor at all for the home business entrepreneur.

- Residual Income. Residual income is the greatest appeal of small business internet marketing online. You invest an initial effort (getting a website up and running), and then make money continuously. If you already have a business you can significantly increase revenues every single month, regardless of what business or industry you are in. Believe me, there are people out there looking for information that you know or for services that you can provide. And they are willing to pay for it.



- No Established System or Training. If you decide to try small business internet marketing online, you’ll be mostly on your own. Sure there are plenty of books, articles, and resources to help you but you won’t have to access to a mentor who can guide you through the process one-on-one, unless you pay for it. Most Internet gurus charge as much as $500 per hour for their time.

- Requires Internet and Marketing Expertise. For those with no experience, the Internet can be a fairly intimidating monster: auto-responders, link exchanges, search engine optimization, templates, content writing, organization and structuring of each website, and you need to know how to write in html.

- Need a Product or Service. This obviously doesn't apply if you already have a successful business and are simply looking to expand. But, if you don't, the good news is you don’t have to create a product or service; you just have to find one. Affiliate sales or network marketing programs are the best way to do this.

- No Business Leverage. There is great opportunity to generate residual income with small business internet marketing online. However, you will not have access to what we refer to as business leverage, or OPE (Other People’s Efforts). With pure Internet marketing, there is no opportunity to generate earnings from OPE in addition to your own.

- Only 40% of Population is On-Line. Although the Internet is one of the most significant technologies invented in the last 50 years, only 40% are actually on-line. This is probably the biggest current disadvantage to Internet Marketing. The number of people on-line will increase rapidly over the next decade though as Internet access becomes cheaper and more convenient for everybody.

Here’s the bottom line to a home based business internet work opportunity: You know, have, or do something that hundreds, even thousands, of other people are looking for every single month. And they are willing to pay money for it.

The main obstacles to small business internet marketing online are:

1) The technical expertise required for building a website on the Internet

2) The knowledge of writing good content.

There are simple systems that completely remove the technology aspect of small business internet marketing online and also show you how to develop the content for a profitable website.

You can have your own website generating a monthly residual income with a simple step-by-step system. You don’t have to know any html, you won’t have to pay high prices for a web designer or content writer, and you’ll have access to a wealth of information and support. Here is everything you need to know about starting an Internet business:->

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