Advantages of an Affordable
.com Affiliate Program

An affordable .com affiliate program, also referred to as an associate or reseller program, is a great way to get started with a small or home-based business. One of the biggest challenges of getting started in business is having a marketable product, service, or information.

With an affiliate program, you sell an already developed product. It's especially important to find a resell niche product, because then you will also have a developed market as well. Every time a visitor to your website purchases a resell niche product, you earn a commission.

Following is a breakdown of the pros and cons of affordable .com affiliate programs.



No Resell Niche Product to Create and Possible Brand Name Recognition. Affordable .com affiliate programs provide an incredible opportunity to get started quickly in a home or small business. If you already have a business, they provide a great source for an additional stream of income to supplement the system you already have in place. You can simply research a company that already has a product that interests you, or is aligned with what you already have in place.

No Inventory Management. Once you associate yourself with a company through an affordable .com affiliate program, all you have to do is set up a website and drive traffic to it. Once customers make a purchase, the company takes care of the rest.

No Customer Service. You won't be getting any calls from angry customers who are upset over the product or service for whatever reasons. Your affiliate company handles all customer service aspects of your home business. One less headache to worry about.

No Employees. This is one of the greatest advantages of all home business models and systems: the ability to leverage OPE (Other People's Effort) without the headaches associated with employees. Headaches like taxes, wages, hiring, firing, management, promotions, bonuses, etc. are eliminated with an affordable .com affiliate system.

Limited Residual Income. With an affiliate program, you sell once, you get paid once. However, you can still generate a residual income (making money while you're not working) if you have autonomous methods in place to drive traffic to your website. Methods like e-mail auto-responders, search engines, link exchanges, etc. See our page on Tools and Resources for information on these concepts.

- Very Low Investment. Technically, what we mean by very low investment is: NO MONEY REQUIRED. You should be able to start as an affiliate with any company without paying them a single cent. In fact, if you are required to pay a fee for an affordable .com affiliate company, you need to do some more research to find out why. IMPORTANT POINT: No Money Required means you won't need an investment to sign up into an affordable .com affiliate program and start gaining commissions through resell niche product. However, your business overall will require an investment for a website, marketing material, training, home office equipment, etc. We can show you plenty of strategies and techniques, however, to significantly cut these costs.


Requires a Website. An affordable .com affiliate program is not going to generate any real income without a full-size website.

No Business Leverage. There is great opportunity to generate residual income with a resell niche product. However, you will not have access to what we refer to as business leverage, or OPE (Other People's Efforts). With most affiliate programs, you only get paid a commission on your efforts. Exception: there are some multi-tiered affiliate programs. We talk more about this later.

No Sales = No Commission. This sounds obvious since the whole purpose of business is to sell a service or resell niche product for a profit. You won't generate income by simply driving tons of traffic to your website, which by itself is not that easy. Even if you have a resell niche product, you won't make any money unless people buy from your site, not just visit it.

Building Someone Else's Business. You can generate a residual income and gain valuable business experience through an affiliate program. However, by selling another's product, you won't be building your own business. If the company you are associated with has any difficulty, your source of income will be gone.

Your Reputation Could Be Compromised. You definitely want to do your homework on any company before you sign up as an associate or resell product for it. The company could have a great resell niche product but could also be poorly run. Poor customer service, bad shipping, or other sloppy business practices could reflect poorly back on you, since you effectively "sold" the product.

Little to No Training or Support. You can be set-up and running an affordable .com affiliate business in very little time, literally overnight. But, you will receive very little if any materials, guidance, training, or direction.

Requires Internet and Marketing Expertise. Your affiliate company will take care of packaging, shipping, handling, and customer service which is great. What they will not do is drive traffic to your website, help you develop your website, or help you market your business. The best affiliates on the Internet generally have a wealth of marketing and sales experience.

Internet and marketing expertise are the two main requirements for an affiliate program to be successful. Our research has led us to some unique companies that provide a resell niche product combined with extremely affordable and effective training and mentoring.


As you research a home business opportunity, you will undoubtedly run across "multi-tiered" affiliate or resell product programs. The basic premise of these plans is this:

1) You sign up as an affiliate for a company.

2) You earn a commission every time you sell the product or service of that company.

3) You get someone else to sign up as an affiliate as well.

4) You earn commissions, not only from your own sales, but also from everyone else you sign up as affiliates. Usually you will earn a lower commission percentage on those "under" you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these programs. In fact, we highly recommend them and almost all of our recommended affiliate program opportunities have multi-tiered compensation plans. However, the term "multi-tiered affiliate program" is nothing more than a re-worded definition of network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing, or mlm).

Once again, there's nothing wrong with that, especially because network marketing is our preferred home business system.

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