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Most Americans are trapped in the rat race - they work once and they get paid once. A home based business residual income program can launch them onto the fast track, where they work once and get paid repeatedly.

Most people are intimately familiar with Earned Income. They go to work - they get paid. They stop working - they stop getting paid. They trade their time and effort for money.

Residual Income is a passive, or recurring, stream of income that continues after an initial effort is expended. You will still trade your time and effort for money. The difference? You make money while you sleep. That is serious leverage and that is the key to financial independence.

Why is a Residual Income Program so Important?

Most people buy their luxuries with Earned Income. If they want a new car they go out, write a check (or take a loan) and buy it. But, when that car is gone, then their money and the car are both gone.

What if they buy the same new car with a home based business residual income? Now when that car is old and rundown and tired, they get rid of the car. Now, the car is gone but the money is still flowing in.

A home based business residual income program gets your money working for you instead of you working for your money.

There are two primary sources for residual income:

  • Investments
  • A Business


    From 9 to 5, as an employee, people are minding somebody else’s business – making somebody else rich.

    A home based business residual income allows people to mind their business first.

    Every person that receives a paycheck has a choice as to what to do with that money. Most people waste it on things that are not building future income. They get things they want now, but may not have the things they need tomorrow.

    A very small shift in spending can fund a home based business residual income program. With modern technology and business systems, it takes a very small investment to get started. A very small seed that can produce a huge harvest over time.

    Rich people are rich because they have control over their cash flow. Poor people are poor because they do not. Thousands of people are finding their way to true financial freedom with a home based business residual income - by learning to control their cash flow.

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