The Forty Year Plan

Most Americans are on the Forty Year Plan. Most of them are living lives of “quiet desperation”, as Henry David Thoreau put it. Ask the average person: “What is your current philosophy for financial independence that you’re currently working on?” They will probably respond with “I haven’t thought about that.”

They spend 40 years making an earned income - day in and day out.

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics after 40 years of working, here's the results for 100 typical Americans:

  • 1% are wealthy
  • 4% have enough to comfortably retire
  • 5% are still working
  • 36% are dead
  • 54% are basically broke and rely on friends, family, or govt for survival.

    Are these statistics right or wrong? The real question is, “Are people prepared just in case they are right?”

    In stark contrast is the 4 Year Plan that a home business provides. Work diligently for four years, part-time, and you can build up a residual income to equal a full-time job.

    We were a country founded on the ideal of freedom but security has become far more important than freedom. And security and freedom are not the same ideal.

    With the 4 Year Plan, you could be in a position where you work because you WANT to and not because you HAVE to. What would you have to do right now, in your current job or situation, to earn an extra $300 a month? How many extra hours?

    There are many fun and rewarding opportunities today available from starting a small home based business. More and more companies are offering products and services that the average person uses: communication services, legal services, nutritional supplements, weight loss products, etc.

    Nothing makes life go by faster than “Just having a job”. The footsteps of old age creep up so softly that we don’t hear them coming until they are upon us.

    You could supplement your income with a small home based business in your spare time.

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    "Money is important, but I don't
    want to spend my life working for it."

    -Quote from Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant

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