Legitimate Home
Business Opportunity:
The Power of Financial Leverage

A legitimate home business opportunity offers this principle of financial leverage:

Big doors swing on little hinges

Which of the following offers a better leverage system?

- 100% of your own effort – OR –
- 1% of 100 people’s efforts

“Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand
and I will move the entire earth.”

- Archimedes
(c. 287-212 B.C.)

One of the most powerful advantages of a legitimate home business opportunity is OPE – Other People’s Effort. OPE provides the phenomenon of financial leverage, which is the key to establishing residual income.

A home business offers a leverage system for you to earn money on your own effort AND earn money on the efforts of others - without the hassle of dealing with employees. Instead of employees, you work with business partners and associates.

Achieving financial leverage by your self can be elusive and difficult. If your own home business is a lever and you are at the fulcrum:

Legitimate Home Business Opportunity: No Leverage System

The foundation for business success is set and the environment is right.

But, we still need a force to move the lever:

Or several forces, provided by a legitimate home business opportunity, to engage the leverage system:

Legitimate Home Business Opportunity: Leverage System


A Team

A highly motivated group of like-minded individuals that are dedicated to helping you succeed. Real people helping and pushing each other to achieve their goals.

A System

Business success requires work. You have to push the wheel, but you don’t have to re-invent it. There can be a lot of pain and hassle associated with traditional business systems. These frustrations can be bypassed with an already established, franchise-like system offered by a legitimate home business opportunity. You don’t have to build the vehicle – you just have to drive it.

A Mentor

Someone who has been where you are and knows your struggles and tribulations. Whose been through the skepticism and the uncertainty. A mentor brings incredible advantages to your fingertips:

- Experience
- Insight
- Resources
- Connections


Knowledge is the foundation of all ability. But only the foundation. The next level is practical and efficient application of knowledge through skill development.


Without the right tools, any task will be difficult. You wouldn’t cut down a tree with a screwdriver or fix your computer with an axe, though sometimes you might like to!


It gets you there with:

Less Effort
Less Money
Less Time
Less Frustration

A legitimate home business opportunity offers that leverage system with a very low investment as the fulcrum.

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