Best Affiliate Sales Book List

Looking for the best affiliate sales book to take your home based business to the next level? Start with these.

Affiliate Selling: Building Revenue on the Web
by George Helmstetter and Pamela Metivier

This affiliate sales book is a comprehensive resource and the perfect introduction for those new to an affiliate sales home business. Released in early 2000, this was one of the first books about affiliate programs and it still sets the standard. For the beginner, the basic fundamentals and useful tips are a great initial vector to point you in the right direction. The authors make a prediction of the return of the importance of individual small sites, one of them could be yours.

Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants
by Shawn Collins and Frank Fiore

This book is chock full of serious and good information. The main drawback - it's a bit out of date. However, this affiliate sales book has fundamentals that don’t change – “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Can you become a preacher or priest without reading the Bible? Probably not. Likewise, you can’t have a successful Affiliate Sales home based business without reading THE book on the subject?

The Complete Guide to Associate & Affiliate Programs on the Net: Turning Clicks Into Cash
by Daniel Gray

The world population in general is quickly adopting on-line purchasing habits - an exciting time for an affiliate sales home business. The advice from this affiliate sales book will help generate a high volume site as well as help you to pick a program. In isolation, it's insufficient (you’ll need more research on generating good traffic volumes, search engine optimization, and viral marketing). However, it should be an integral part of your affiliate sales book library.

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