Business Communication Book List

How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less
by Milo O. Franks

Business Communication Book #1

May I have the condensed version please? You’ll never hear this question again after reading this book - step-by step how you can improve your communications skills. While we all often gab for minutes or hours, you can get your point across within 30 seconds. The rest is simply lead-in, repetition, or follow-through. The techniques of crafting a 30-second message will help you focus your thinking, writing and speaking. And of course, true to the title, it’s an extremely short and easy read.

Essentials of Business Communication
by Mary Ellen Guffey

Finally, a complete text that is always useful. This is a great book for either a complete description or a quick overview. With many examples updated for the current business environment, it’s one of those few text-book type publications with real and practical application. In a business world crowded with poor writing, terrible spelling, and incorrect grammar – here is the solution.

10 Days to Faster Reading
by Abby Marks-Beale

True to its title - this book delivers. I doubled my reading speed while maintaining comprehension. The biggest mistake people make that slows down their reading - they read every single word. When you get to the part of a book that is boring or does not interest you - then skip it. This one tip (of many) by itself will decrease significantly your time to get through a book. I don't even know how many hundreds of hours this book has saved me.

Messages: The Communication Skills Book
by Matthew McKay et al.

The authors have created a very in depth but easy to read psycho-analysis of poor communication skills. It offers useful and practical tips for change attitudes and methods of communication. It also concentrates on the most overlooked and underdeveloped communication skill – Listening. We don’t learn this invaluable skill in the 12 years of government-controlled education the general public goes through. I didn’t realize just how poor my communication skills were until I read this book.

People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts
by Robert Bolton

Though a bit verbose, a good book with great ideas. Bolton's premise is that our communication patterns are inherently faulty. He presents skill development solution in listening, assertion, conflict-resolution, and collaborative problem solving. He blends keen insight into human nature, concepts of psychology and basic Judeo-Christian values into what appears to be a very effective methodology.

Harvard Business Review on Effective Communication
by Ralph G. Nichols et al.

This book is a collection of quality and insightful articles. They raise awareness of key points in the realm of interpersonal and group communications. Many people have difficulty making themselves understood and resort to “domination” or “suppressive” techniques. This is a great book that explains why these techniques are not necessary to get your point across. It has great applications as well to leadership and business management.

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