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Here is our Christian marketing book top ten list.

#1) Business By THE Book: Complete Guide Of Biblical Principles For The Workplace
by Larry Burkett

Business by THE Book. This is not for someone looking to get rich quick! If you are a Christian business owner wanting to run your business according to God's word, this Christian marketing book explains God's word and gives helpful tips to follow through in a hectic world.

#2) God Is My CEO: Following God's Principles in a Bottom-Line World
by Larry Julian

Many believe there is little room for God or the Christian faith in the business world. It’s just dog-eat-dog from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. This book shows just how uninformed this thinking is. Refreshing interviews with captains of industry as well as average business people. These people not only believe in God, but practice their faith EVERY DAY. It is WHY they are so successful. For those of you who think they have to choose between God and business – read this book.

#3) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
by Stephen R. Covey

When you take success strategies and turn them into everyday practiced habits, you get results. Small things done every single day (e.g. habits) have an accumulative effect: good or bad. Dr. Covey has put together one of the best self-help business books ever written. Has great applications as a Christian marketing book as well.

#4) Doing Business by the Good Book: 52 Lessons on Success Straight from the Bible
by by David L. Steward

Shows Christians how they can succeed in building their business enterprise upon the solid foundation of Scripture. A good book that deftly addresses the entrepreneurial spirit and integrity, delegation and adaption, finding a niche, providing good leadership, building long-term relationships, taking a stand, consistency, teamwork, risk-taking, customer-driven methodology, handling confrontation, accountability, praise and recognition, and allowing God to work His will – and so much more.

#5) God@Work, Vol. 1
by Rich Marshall

Many Christians become pew-sitters and feel bored with their lives. I myself am a “recovering Catholic”. Too many of us think "ministry" is something only ordained ministers can do. Everyone is relevant and needed; each one with a destiny and ministry! The fresh revelation of this Christian marketing book: there is both a "priestly" anointing (the pastors) and a "kingly" anointing (professionals, businessmen, and other Christians).

#6) See You at The Top
by Zig Ziglar

The premise is simple: We all hold the keys to our own success, and we deserve it. It is not accidental but deliberate and takes hard work. Don’t be a wandering generality – you have unlimited possibilities. The principles and fundamentals outlined here make it a great selection for any Christian marketing book library.

#7) Church on Sunday, Work on Monday: The Challenge of Fusing Christian Values with Business Life
by Laura Nash, et al

The challenge of fusing Christian values with business life. I can be very difficult to deal with individual moral value systems in the business world. This book outlines the difficulties faced by business people today.

#8) Loving Monday: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your Soul
by John D. Beckett

Honesty and integrity displayed to business partners, employees, and family members is to be respected. Rare qualities in business owners today. Not just "another motivation book” under the guise of Christianity. A wealth of practical information set in a personal testimony to which anyone can relate. No "quick steps to make life perfect" here. Rather, a man and his struggles, and how his faith helped him overcome them.

#9) Jesus, Entrepreneur: Using Ancient Wisdom to Launch and Live Your Dreams
by Laurie Beth Jones

The wisdom here is clear and eloquent - but more than that it is right on! With a new word - "Spiritrenuer" - this book shows how we need to know ourselves better so we can serve others in our business better. Laurie Beth covers all of the proactive bases: smart thinking, system thinking, futuristic thinking, and positive thinking. If you are truly seeking the kind of success and abundance that makes your life 100% livable - you must read this book.

#10) Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership
by Laurie Beth Jones

The author delivers a view of ancient wisdom of leadership from Jesus into three sections: self mastery, action and relationships. She shares examples and illustrations from Bible references as well as bringing in the view of outside experts. Also provides thought-provoking questions for integration and application of the principles. When you feel grumpy about the world and believe everyone is rotten and spoiled – this is a great Christian marketing book to read.

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