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We have analyzed hundreds of home business opportunities using our stringent standards. The best product-based network marketing company we have found is Synergy Worldwide.

For any company to achieve massive success, there must be a convergence of Five Forces that culminate in one incredible opportunity:

Synergy Worldwide Convergence Diagram

  • The Company

  • Market Trends

  • Timing

  • Products

  • Compensation

    Synergy Worldwide is one such company

    Synergy Worldwide


    The Company

    Synergy Worldwide

    The most important aspect for any home business opportunity, of course, is the company. While passing our analysis standards with flying colors, here is what impressed us so much about Synergy Worldwide

  • 6 years old
  • More than 20 Foreign Markets
  • 1600% growth in just the last 18 months!
  • Ranked the 8th Fastest Growing Business in the United States by Dunn &
    ...Bradstreet and Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Recognized as “Best Corporate Citizen” by Business Ethics Magazine for 2
    ...years in a row!
  • Parent company is Nature's Sunshine:
  • 33-year-old company
  • $300M+ annual sales
  • 5A1 credit rated
  • Publicly traded (Stock symbol is NATR)
  • Debt-free
  • $25M liquid assets in the bank
  • Over 70 international markets
  • An icon in the nutritional supplement industry
  • 33% of Natures Sunshine's total sales are now generated by
    ...Synergy WorldWide!
  • Nature's Sunshine invested $10M into the growth of Synergy just 3 months
  • Recognized as #1 Supplement Manufacturing Facility in the World by
    ...Nutritional Outlook!


    Market Trends

    Synergy Worldwide has taken advantage of several different social, industry, and market trends simultaneously – especially in the following 4 industries.

    Personal Care: a $40 Billion Industry
    Basic Nutrition: a $60 Billion Industry
    Weight Loss: a $75 Billion Industry
    Sports / Energy: a $100 Billion Industry

    Additionally, the Baby Boomer generation is currently 76 million strong. This market segment has driven product consumption and market trends for the last 50 years – and will continue to do so in the future. Here are the things this generation wants that Synergy Worldwide has capitalized on: youth, energy, vitality, a quality lifestyle, and early retirement.

    Is it working?

  • 1600% growth in just the last 18 months!
  • 725% Increase in Sales Revenue from 2004 to 2005



    Timing is indeed very important. All businesses must start somewhere and then grow. However, highly successful companies go through a stage in the business cycle known as Critical Momentum, or Critical Mass. The concept is very similar to a rocket being launched into outer space. In the first seconds of the launch, nothing seems to happen, even though millions of pounds in thrust is produced. Finally, the rocket launches but must then battle the earth’s gravity and atmospheric drag. At a certain point, when the rocket escapes these forces, it reaches what is called escape velocity. Once escape velocity is attained, the rocket effortlessly continues into space with no additional energy – even though it is traveling at 15 times the speed of sound. If the rocket fails to reach escape velocity by just 1 mph – it comes crashing back to earth.

    Critical Mass is the same point in a company’s life cycle when it reaches escape velocity. As many customers are coming to the company as it actively tries to bring in (e.g. it becomes a “household name”). Very few companies fail once they’ve achieved critical mass and sales increase dramatically. Generally, that point occurs at $100 million in annual sales for a company.

    Synergy Worldwide has increased monthly sales revenue from $400,000 to $10 million in the last 18 months. Based on current growth rate, Synergy Worldwide will achieve $1 BILLION in annual sales within the next 30 months.



    Of course the product a company offers is its lifeline. Without a product or service – there is no business. Synergy Worldwide has a full line of proprietary and uniqe products.

    “The Health and Fitness Industry
    is the next Trillion Dollar Industry.”
    - Paul Zane Pilzer

    With unique and exclusive Anti-Aging Technologies in Skin Care, Hair Care, Nutritional and Personal Care Products, Synergy Worldwide has poised itself in an opportune position.

    Its best-selling product is ProARGI-9, an l-arginine nutritional supplement, developed by world-renown scientist Dr. Ann de Wies Allen. Synergy WorldWide has exclusive marketing rights to Dr. Allen's patented formula of ProARGI-9!

    Click here to review Synergy Worldwide’s International Product Line



    At 55% actual monthly payout, Synergy WorldWide has the highest commission payout in the industry!

    Six Ways to Get Paid

  • Retail Sales
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Basic Commission
  • Mega Match
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Global Share Bonus

    Click here to review Synergy Worldwide’s Revolutionary Compensation Plan

    Find out what it’s all about – click here for a presentation – and then click on “Business Presentation” on the top left of the page that opens.

    Synergy Worldwide


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