Financial Freedom Society

Financial Freedom Society

There are a few temporary Band-Aids for financial problems, however, with the Financial Freedom Society you have the one and only permanent cure.

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Not only do Society members get both the plan and the system they need – they also have access to a FREE Savings Center where members can save more than their membership dues. That makes membership "better-than-free" for many.


The Plan

"The Plan" is not just a financial plan – it’s a "Life Plan" – a master plan for both your time and your money. The Plan is the foundation for early financial freedom and personal independence. It includes

- The Art of Achieving Financial Freedom eCourse
- The Financial Freedom Report - Monthly Newsletter

The System

"The System" is a complete and highly integrated combination of web-based tools and professional services which will enable you to successfully complete your PLAN for excellent financial health and early financial freedom.

• Financial Helpline
• Tools for mastering your time and money
• Debt Elimination System
• 45 Planning Calculators
• Personal Budget System
• Financial Resource Library
• Task Manager
• Project Manager
• Appointment Mgr
• Contact Manager

Web Conferencing - unlimited long distance communications (voice or text) via Web Conferencing

Personal Website

Youth Center



The Plan and The System components of your Society membership are what your Society dues pay for. They are worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, and can help you reach complete financial freedom in less than half the normal time.

Your Savings Center is free. It will save you a lot of time and could save you more money every month than your Society dues - making your membership better-than-free.

Your Savings Center provides Discount Lifestyle Services, No-charge Health Services and Discount Health Services. It is a wonderful free bonus to help you:

1. Pay your Society dues
2. Save money everyday and have extra money to reduce debt and invest
3. Enjoy a higher quality of life today
4. Save you priceless hours every week

Discount Lifestyle Services

• Dining
• Shopping
• Movies
• Automotive
• Car Rentals
• Condo Resorts
• Hotels
• Travel Packages & Cruises
• Dell Computers
• Toll-free Phone Center
• eCourse Professor
• Fitness Advantage

No Charge Health Services

• eDoctor
• 24/7 Nurse Advice Line
• Family Consultation
• Counseling
• Medical Library
• Medical Record Storage

Discount Health Services (NOT insurance)

• Vision Care
• Dental Care
• Pharmacy Mail Order
• Prescription
• Chiropractic
• Hearing
• VIP Health & Wellness
• Physician's Visit
• Hospital
• Medical Supply Store

"Manage your time and you will have the money you need.
Manage your money and you will have the time you need.
We will help you do both uncommonly well."
-- Kelly Reese, President, Financial Freedom Society, Inc.

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"The Art of Achieving Financial Freedom" eCourse


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