Eight Questions You'll Probably Ask
About a Home Business

Before we get to the Eight Most Frequently Asked Questions About a Home Business, I have to answer your first and most important question:

Why Would You Trust This Website?

Here are the eight most frequently asked questions regarding a home business. Believe me, I have been where you are and I know what it’s like. It took me over 6 months of research and painful experience to learn these answers. I can save you 5 months, 30 days, and 23.9 hours of your time with just 5 minutes on this page.

1) Do I Need a Lot of Capital to Start a Home Business?

No. You’re upfront investment will range from $20 to $500 depending on the company you start with. If you’re asked to pay more, find out why. Beware of any opportunity that requires you to purchase large amounts of inventory. This is called front loading, and it’s illegal. There’s no need to stockpile products with a Legitimate Home Business .

2) Why Do I Have to Start a Home Business with Some Company?

You don’t. You could start a home business from scratch. Then you’ll have to deal with Small Business Problems associated with a traditional “brick-and-mortar” business. Other Home Business Models provide franchise-like opportunities that allow you to take advantage of already established companies, products, distribution methods, and business systems. You get Leverage and Synergy from not having to start from scratch.

3) Will I Need to Store Products and Then Deliver to My Customers?

Absolutely not. That’s exactly the leverage provided by a home business. All you have to do is refer customers. The company takes care of the rest – inventory, packaging, delivery, billing, customer service, etc. You then receive a commission check for each customer you refer. With Network Marketing , you also receive a commission check from every one below you in your sales organization.

4) Do I Have to Work Full-Time to Make Money?

No. In fact, most home business owners devote only a small part of their time every week to their businesses.

5) This Is Another Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, Right?

Wrong! Congress has passed laws and the Supreme Court has ruled that there are Five Categories of legal home business models. Those who get the facts about legitimate and reputable home business opportunities will discover that they are solid, long-term businesses.

6) A Home Business isn’t a Real Business, Is It?

Yes, it is! Just because people work from home part-time does not mean their businesses aren’t real. The Home Business models of Affiliate Reseller Programs , Network Marketing , and Internet Marketing exist in at least 125 countries and have exceeded $100 billion in sales globally driven by over 50 million independent distributors worldwide (according to the Direct Selling Agency). That’s some real business.

7) Isn’t Network Marketing Just a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it’s not. There is a significant difference between a pyramid scheme (Illegal) and a pyramid structure ( Perfectly Legal ). Every corporation and business in the world uses a pyramid structure – a “chain of command”. People at the top of the pyramid are making money from the efforts of those below them in the pyramid. A pyramid scheme occurs when there is no product or service provided and people are just “signing up” and putting money into the scheme. The Supreme Court ruled in the 1979 case of Amway vs. FTC that the network marketing business model is perfectly legal.

8) I’m New to this Home Business Thing, Where Do I Start my Research?

The following two very easy steps will save you over 6 months of wasted time and effort.

First, request our FREE CD titled The Perfect Business by Robert Kiyosaki. Robert Kiyosaki is a 10-time national best-selling author on financial and business education. His first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad , has been on the New York Times best-selling list for 5 years straight. In a 25 minute interview on this CD, Robert reveals some candid and straightforward guidance on what this home business thing is really all about.

Second, take our 5-minute Home Business QUIZ . In less than 5 minutes, you can assess your current level of knowledge. Based on that, we’ll show you where stand in your research efforts, and then recommend where to go from there.

Both of these actions will take less than 10 minutes of your time. Both of these actions will save you more than 6 months of pain and frustration. What you do with the information is entirely up to you. Believe me, you don’t have to re-create the wheel. Take advantage of my mistakes and shorten your learning curve. Request the CD and Take the Quiz NOW – you’ll be light years closer to finding what you’re looking for.

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